Featured Employee: Eric Hernandez

June 2015

Labatt Order Selector Eric Hernandez is a part of the mid-shift group and has been with the San Antonio Operations team since 2006.  As part of mid-shift, Eric helps to select orders for the Austin routes and also assists with nightshift selection.

How did you get started at Labatt?

“I was working at Jack in the Box before I started here and was looking for another job, since my wife and I were just starting our family. I felt that I really needed to step up and was looking for something that paid more money and provided stability.  I saw that Labatt was hiring warehouse workers and thought it would be a good opportunity for me.

I started as a Backhaul employee, working to off-load Labatt trucks and also breaking down the loads.  After two years in Backhaul, Richard Benitez asked me to lead a team in the Receiving Department.  I was a Receiving Lead for three years before deciding to move to mid-shift.”

What do you enjoy about your job?

“It’s pretty fun. The warehouse is a really good environment and the people are really great. Everyone has a good attitude and we all get along.  Everyone is here to work hard and get the job done as a team.  There are some guys that have been with the company for a long time and we’ve developed really good relationships.  In a way, they’ve become like family because we’ve spent so many years together.

Also, order selecting is pretty easy; it’s a lot like grocery shopping.  Someone gives you a list and you go down the aisles getting what you need.  It keeps me active and is very fast pace.  It’s great exercise and helps me keep in shape.”

Can you share some strategies new order selectors might use to improve their performance?

“I would say that your speed comes in time.  First focus on learning the product and the way everything is laid out.  Focus on accuracy and learning to stack the sequences correctly.  Once you learn that your speed will come and you’ll get better and better.”

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Labatt Operations team?

“Labatt’s a really good company to work for.  They offer great benefits and pay.  For me, that’s really important because it helps me provide for my family.  The schedule is also good.  Sure, right now we are working longer hours, but it still gives me time to be with my family.  I’m able to help my daughter get ready in the mornings and drive her to school.  Sometimes we even get to have breakfast at Denny’s before school.  And in the summertime, I’m able to spend a lot more time with my family since we slow down a bit here.  It’s really great!”