Featured Employee: Jason Honesto

August 2016

Jason Honesto started at Labatt as a Dry Selector in April 2008. In his eight years, he has worked in several different positions in the warehouse, and is currently a Nightshift Freezer Supervisor.

What brought you to Labatt?

“I actually worked for the company that occupied our current warehouse before Labatt moved in. When that company went out of business, I moved on. A friend of mine got a job with Labatt once they established their warehouse here in Lubbock, and recommended that I apply here. I’ve been here ever since. It was nice to start that way because the building was very familiar, it was already mapped out for me.”

Tell us about how your time at Labatt has evolved.

“It was a long journey, and a good experience. I started as a Dry Selector, then transferred over to the freezer and was a Selector there. After that, I worked as a PIR operator. I moved into the Freezer Lead position, and am now a Freezer Supervisor. I got to learn every position and what everybody went through. I learned all of these positions in depth,
and in my position now, it easier to understand the different positions and how they all work together. I have a deep understanding of what needs to be done and what’s expected. The process has been very beneficial to me as a supervisor. 

As far as the different jobs I worked, I don’t have a favorite position – they are all interesting when you get to know the job really well. What I like most about Labatt as a whole is being able to see the employees grow as people and as workers. I get to help grow them into leaders. You watch them, and they come in very ambitious and you see them learn and get to know and use their skills to help lead and make everything else successful. I enjoy watching everything grow one step at a time. It keeps it interesting. Every year we are adding customers, different employees, and everything changes a little bit. You’re constantly watching things grow and it’s amazing.”

How has Labatt changed since you started here?

“Here in Lubbock we’ve grown a lot. When I first started here, we were probably only a fourth of the warehouse that we’re in now. We’ve gained more business, more space, more employees and have changed the positions that work here as we’ve restructured our logistics. And we’re still growing and continuing to grow. We don’t have the PIR anymore. We carry more product. There are more logistics to think about.”

Why would you recommend Labatt to someone looking to work in Operations?

“The culture here in Lubbock is very ambitious. There is a lot of possibility for our employees to grow, gain additional skills and move up. The processes have been clearly mapped out, and employees are set up for success. The training helps eliminate any hardships. We have structure, organization, and teamwork. There’s so much here that I haven’t seen in other places I’ve worked. There are so many more opportunities to grow here. Labatt has literally changed my life. It’s given me the tools and the opportunity to be successful.”