Labatt Food Service Launches New Social Media Accounts

August 2014

Labatt Food Service, the leading privately held foodservice distributor in the South Central Region, officially expanded its social media presence with the launch of official company social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  The launch of these accounts builds Labatt’s online presence beyond its new, revamped public website, mobile apps, and YouTube account.

“Social media allows us more avenues to directly engage with our employees and our customers,” said Labatt Online Director Matt Silva.  “By sharing information about our company and our company culture, our customers and employees can understand what we as a company stand for.”

Labatt’s new social media accounts will comprise of relevant foodservice industry news, events, photos, and videos.  Labatt will also post relevant career information and company updates.  “In today’s digital world, transparency in business is mandatory,” said Digital Engagement Strategist Aimee Coleman.  “The recent launch of our new website,, has provided a way for us to educate our customers, and our social media presence will help us engage with them more than ever before.”