We are a home for great people.

The Company

Labatt Food Service operates in a high-intensity, high-transaction logistics environment, supplying 14,000 items to food-away-from-home customers in Texas and New Mexico from 5 distribution centers.

The company’s business model is for continuous reduction of errors and expenses in order to be able to win new customers at an ever-lower price and to create more jobs and opportunities for more families of new employees.  We are committed to having the best people, the highest-quality products, and innovative technology services in order to help our customers compete and grow their businesses, not to maximize profits for corporate shareholders.

Who We Are

  1. We value people of high energy with a history of aspiration, leadership, and proven success. We value problem solvers with the ability to focus on customer needs and customer service.  Our successful employees make their work goals their highest priority; they strive to make a difference.
  2. We offer opportunities for recent graduates and other new employees to be involved with senior executives in project teams working on major business problems, or in other positions of immediate responsibility and visibility.

About You

We invite you to consider joining a team of people working together in a very competitive, very fast-paced business.  This is not a job for everyone.  But if you like working hard with other people, and if you like helping other people called customers, this might be a job for you.

From Our Mission Statement

“Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from others in our industry by being ‘Home of the Best’—the best in people, best in products and best in service.  By having people of shared values, and by continuous training, we seek to have high retention in people.  In a service business, our people are our greatest form of service….We want the company to be known as a stable creator of jobs, known for its values and the way it does business.”

Career Opportunities