We believe in constantly creating new services for our customers.

Others may talk about innovation, but Labatt has a proven history of innovation in every area of the company, from sales to order entry to warehouse automation to truck routing.  We believe that until we reach perfection, there will always be a reason to innovate.

We write all our own software so that we can be able to change rapidly.  We have as many as ten teams of analysts and software developers working on specific projects to attack real business problems, and driving out inefficiencies in the entire business process for ourselves and our customers. 

These are some of the recent innovations we are proudest of.

Innovations in Ordering

  • Labatt Online

    Labatt’s newest and perhaps most dramatic innovation ever.

  • LabattFood Ordering System

    Labatt’s web ordering system ordering and search software.

  • Intercompany Inventory Management

    Labatt has the most efficient system for managing inventories in multiple warehouses.

Innovations in Delivery

  • Distribunet

    Distribunet is a Labatt software which allows customers to extend a Labatt program outside our geographic footprint.

  • Robotic Warehouse Aisles-Mini-Load

    A “mini-load” is a robotic aisle that allows slower-moving products to be stored in high-density racks and retrieved by a robotic arm.

  • Just-in-time Letdown

    Labatt’s solution was the just-in-time letdowns, which reduces the number of touches and therefore the number of errors.

  • Voice Technology

    Labatt’s tracking system that tracks the path of every pallet in the warehouse from receiving until all the product on the pallet has been shipped to the customer.

  • Truck Routing - Monte Carlo

    To create the most efficient routes for our customers, Labatt uses a computer algorithm called the Monte Carlo algorithm.

  • Where's My Truck?

    Labatt’s truck-location software allows Labatt reps and customers the ability to track their deliveries once the truck has left the warehouse.