A “mini-load” is a robotic aisle that allows slower-moving products to be stored in high-density racks and retrieved by a robotic arm just-in-time to be selected by the order selectors. Labatt has made multi-million dollar investments into several of these arms across several divisions. With the technology Labatt has been able to put as many as 1400 items in a single aisle an increase of 3 times traditional storage density.  This means the warehouse does not have to be expanded, so selectors can fill their orders without travelling additional distances.  With the mini-load, slow-moving product does not need to be merged with all other product, so errors are avoided. Labatt’s innovative use of robotic aisles has created greater efficiencies, driven down cost for our customers, and allowed us to stock an ever-greater number of slow-moving items to meet the special needs of our customers.