Labatt Produce has the unique opportunity to be a company within our parent company. Labatt produce sales are over $55 million annually, making it one of the largest produce companies in the region.  

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We are a full-line produce house that actively stocks over 550 line items utilizing 5 distribution centers in San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Lubbock, and Albuquerque. Our produce warehouses have 3 separate temperature zones to provide the highest possible shelf-life product available. The trained warehouse staff works exclusively with produce. They perform all activities dealing with produce receiving, checking quality, storing, and repacking. We repack a large number of our line items here in-house daily. 

We maintain over a 99% fill ratio throughout each year, while sustaining under 1% damage ratio. These are produce industry-leading statistics for produce companies. 

Our produce is procured from top-tier distribution facilities throughout the United States. Out of the 75 vendors we currently use, 68 of these are grower-direct. Buying grower-direct leads to volume discounts, shorter time spent in storage, lower transportation costs, and better overall value for our customers. 

Food safety is the first priority here at Labatt Produce, so that we can ensure a high level of consistent quality for customers. Our vendors go through the most rigorous tests in the industry. High food safety standards are maintained at every stage of production:  planting, harvesting, shipping, receiving, storage, and delivery.