In 1996, Labatt helped initiate “prime vendor” distribution when the U.S. Military closed its depots and began contracting with private-sector food distributors  to deliver to dining facilities on military bases. Labatt earned five contracts and was named DLA Rookie Supplier of the Year.

On Labatt’s contracts the bases went from a 70% fill rate and a lead time of over a week to 98% fill rates with skip-day delivery, and overnight had access to high-quality national brands. Labatt wrote over 100 special computer applications to pioneer with the government in creating the systems to support the Prime Vendor program.

Today, years later, Labatt supplies military bases including Fort Bliss (El Paso), Fort Hood, Fort Sam Houston, and Lackland Air Force Base.  We recently co-developed with the government the concept of a fixed price contract similar to that used in the schools of the state of Texas.